Gaming and Leisure Gaming and Leisure TribalNet 15 Annual Conference

15th Annual Technology Conference for the Native American industry

11/10/14 - 11/13/14

The M Resort
Las Vegas, NV

Native American Technology Research Center powered by Info~Tech Research Group

TribalNet Exclusive Vegas-Style “Cirque” Meet & Greet Event

Enjoy a relaxing night of networking as the sun sets and an unforgettable evening of fun, amazing and mystical entertainment kicks off.

Ambient samplings throughout the night of “cirque” type entertainment, outdoors and onsite at the beautiful M Resort.

Food, drinks, entertainment and fun- The TribalNet meet and greet event is always an unbeatable atmosphere to make connections that last a lifetime.

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Planet Technologies Awarded Microsoft State and Local Government Partner of the Year

Company Recognized for Significant Impact Supporting Government Customers with Office 365

Germantown, MD (PRWEB) August 06, 2014

Planet Technologies was named Microsoft’s State and Local Government Partner of the Year for Office 365 at last week’s Industry Solution University (ISU) in Phoenix, Arizona. This award follows closely on the heels of Planet’s recognition by Microsoft as 2014 U.S. Windows Partner of the Year. The award was presented by Microsoft’s Vice President of Public Sector, Curt Kolcun, Vice President of State and Local Government, Michael Donlan, and General Manager for Public Sector Partners, Vince Menzione.

“Microsoft Office 365 is the future for service delivery to our clients, and the solution touches on the most critical aspects driving user collaboration and content for government organizations. It is incredible to be recognized by Microsoft for the investments we have made in supporting Office 365 and for making cloud transition a reality for government clients across the country,” said Planet President and CEO Scott Tucker.

Planet has migrated more than one million government customers to the Microsoft cloud and was an early adopter of Office 365. Programs such as Planet’s, SharePoint in the cloud initiatives, Planet’s government productivity applications downloadable in the Microsoft store, and soon-to-be-launched site are key differentiators making Planet the elite Microsoft cloud services partner across the United States. Vince Menzione, General Manager for Microsoft Public Sector partners, noted, “When relying on someone to transform your business to cloud, experience and support matters. Planet has that in spades.”

About Planet Technologies Planet Technologies, the leading Microsoft services and cloud solutions partner, provides integration and customization of Microsoft technologies and data center solutions for federal, state and local government and commercial clients. Planet has been awarded Microsoft Federal Partner of the Year an unprecedented six times, Microsoft State and Local Partner of the Year four times, and is the Microsoft Windows Partner of the Year award winner four consecutive years. Planet is certified with seven gold competencies and eight silver. Visit us at and on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The most innovative, fastest, compact, effective, least expensive fire protection product approved in the last ten years is Aero-K®, an Aerosol Spray Technology

August 8, 2014

Aero-K®, has more approvals than other fire protection products, has more fire protection applications, and is easily installed by factory trained installers. Aero-K®, generators are Electrical, Smoke Activated, or Thermally Activated.

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. a Denver based firm has hundreds of clients with multiple applications. Aero-K® comes in a variety of gram loaded generators to fit the application necessary to extinguish a fire. Aero-K®, is environmentally friendly, 100% Green, non toxic to humans, non-oxygen depleting, and will not harm equipment. Aero-K®, is patented potassium Aerosol Spray, takes up no floor space, and is extremely fast and effective. Aero-K® can be installed in spaces here to before impossible to protect.

Aero-K® does not require pressure vessels, piping, or expensive installation costs. Unlike gaseous agents when discharged, the Aero-K® agent becomes slightly lighter than air, if there’s flair up Aero-K® is still active. Aero-K® does not require pressurization of the protected area. When using a gaseous agent the protected area must be sealed tight enough that it can hold the pressurized gas agent for up to ten minutes. A fully pressurized room can be very costly. Aero-K® unique characteristics do not require an enclosed pressurized space, reducing the overall installation costs. Ask us for the Architectural Specifications from The Project Resource Manual-CSI for fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing System, Section 21 20 00 (13900). Aero-K® is also SNAP approved. Aero-K® has been successfully tested to NFPA 2010, UL Tested Approved & listed to UL Standard 2775. In Canada, NFPA Standard 2001, ULC Tested Approved & Listed to ULC Standard 2127.

Peripheral Manufacturing president Ron Carboy states that Aero-K® is a true, 21st Century solution in the advancement of Fire Protection. Aero-K® protects Computer Rooms, Server Cabinets, Telecommunication Towers, Wind Towers, Elevator Rooms, Flammable Liquid Hazmat Storage Areas, Electrical Boxes, CNC machines, and a host of Marine and Transportation applications. For more information, please e-mail or call Peripheral Manufacturing at or 1-800-468-6888. You may also visit our websites:

TribalNet Partners with CDW-G & Adobe

TribalNet is holding an Exclusive Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) so tribes can save

Our partnership with TribalNet offers users Exclusive access to Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Applications through an ETLA contract which provides custom software licensing options and pricing for volume purchases, access to advanced customer support programs, and streamlined IT administration tools to package and deploy Adobe apps and services across the enterprise.

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