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Sponsor/Exhibitor FAQ

November 6-9, 2017

Whether you are thinking of coming or are already signed up, you might have some questions for us! We are always happy to talk or connect with you via email, but if you want a quick answer…it just might be below!

Conference Literature

Feel free to download and print whatever you find helpful.

Vendor Registration Packet Registered Vendor Checklist April Vendor Postcard Vendor Brochure

Thinking of coming? 
Information to help you say YES!

Who sponsors? [+]

Technology companies currently working with or looking to break into the Native American market. Companies that work with health centers, governments, gaming and hospitality entities, and more.

Who are the Attendees? [+]

TribalNet is a national conference – our reach and market includes tribal government organizations and enterprises from all over the U.S. Our attendees typically include: CIO, VP of IT, IT Director, IT Manager, Network Administration, Security Administrator, System Administrator, Tribal Council, General Manager, CFO, and other technology-minded individuals at tribal organizations, enterprise, and health centers.

Do I have to be a TribalNet Member to participate? [+]

No you do not need to be a TribalNet Member to exhibit but, the membership will give you some great additional exposure!

What badge level do I need? [+]

If you only want to have access to the tradeshow floor you can purchase a "Tradeshow Only" badge. If you would like access to meals, drinks, and sessions you can purchase the All-Access badge.

When can I choose my booth? [+]

Booth selection is by level of participation and date of registration. The layout is available in July and booth selection starts in September. Exhibiting Only booths are assigned.

What is the typical Schedule of events? [+]

a. We will release the final schedule sometime in August however, the general schedule is:

Monday: Workshops start around 9am and the Meet & Greet in the evening
Tuesday: Breakfast and Keynotes in the morning and Tradeshow opens around 2:15
Wednesday: Breakfast & Keynotes in the morning and tradeshow opens around 2:15
Thursday: Workshops finish up around 12:30 – go home and sign up for 2018!

Can I give prizes/giveaways? [+]

Yes. You are permitted to do a business card drawing at your booth. Prizes will be announced on Wednesday on the tradeshow floor.

What is the general atmosphere of the tradeshow? [+]

We try to keep an interactive and high energy atmosphere during the tradeshow. To accomplish this we organize a BINGO Run game where we provide your booth with a stamp and attendees collect all stamps they are entered in a drawing.

There is food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available for the attendees. If you wish to have unlimited access to food and drinks you MUST purchase an ALL-ACCESS pass.

Can I get a list of attendee’s pre or post – show? [+]

Varies each year however, lead generation is always available!

Lead Generation available? [+]

Yes, lead generation will be available, more information to come.

Do I have to have a booth to come? [+]

No, you are welcome to be a sponsor and come as an attendee! Or just participate as an attendee if you would like to!

What is included in the booth? [+]

10x10 or 8x10 space, 6ft table with linen, 2 chairs, sign, 1 waste basket, the space is carpeted.

What extra things do I have to buy? [+]

Each year may vary – The Expo Kit will provide the most up to date information.