Did you know you can be alerted daily of TARGETED SECURITY THREATS specific for YOUR INDUSTRY?
Did you know it's FREE?

If you aren't a member of an Information Sharing Analysis Center (ISAC), you are contributing to the risk of security threats at your tribe/tribal health center/tribal casino

"Personally, I chose MS-ISAC based on the included services and their enthusiastic willingness to help. Their webinars are very informative and some of the cyber threats (criminals etc.) out there, I hadn't even heard about."

Jon James
CIO, Cherokee Nation
"Joining the MS-ISAC should be a non-decision for all tribal nations. No fees. No hidden costs. No commitments. Yet, the MS-ISAC team is easy to reach and willing to help when your IT team most needs it. We've been members for several years and I highly recommend joining."

Chuck Scharnagle
CIO, The Mohegan Tribe
"MS-ISAC is a centralized information service for alerting for those that have joined. Working closely to governments, for example FBI. Gila River Indian Community recently advised all users of the vulnerabilities of MS Office, Windows Media and Internet Explorer once the IT Staff received an MS-ISAC Advisory."

Jocelyn Young
Director, MIS Department, Gila River Indian Community
"Becoming a member of MS-ISAC is highly recommended. The plethora of information available to members like webcasts and security advisories give you a heads up on the latest cyber threats that you should definitely know about. Enhance your cyber security posture. Join MS-ISAC."

Eddie Mouss
System Analyst, Thlopthlocco Tribal Town

...and if that is not enough, the President of the United States is encouraging every organization to band together and join an ISAC

Take a Look at the Message here

What is an ISAC?

ISAC stands for Information Sharing Analysis Center

In simple terms, an ISAC is typically formed by it's membership of like-minded or similar industry organizations that have banded together to share and filter threat information pertinent to their specific industries. ISACs typically receive threat (both physical and cyber) information daily from both government and private sector sources. The threat analysts at an ISAC will typically filter through the 100s or 1000's of daily threat notices and send to their membership only the threats pertinent to the specific membership or industry. The tidal wave of daily threat "noise" is converted to a consumable and actionable threat feed that every member of the ISAC can use to immediately secure and protect their organization.

Why be a member of an ISAC?

The question really should be...Why Not?

  • There is no risk to your organization. You sign up and immediately start receiving more meaningful threat information - without having to do anything else.
  • You gain access to security professionals that can assist you, and most often at zero cost. It's like having more IT security staff immediately.
  • You can anonymously and safely share threat information about what your organization is experiencing or seeing back into the ISAC. You can be a part of stopping the "bad guys" rather than contributing to their success through silence.
  • It is easy and simple to become an ISAC member.

Joining an ISAC is one of TribalNet's
MUST DO Best Practices

We recommend that every Native American organization immediately join the MS-ISAC. We further recommend that the IT security teams from any Tribe with a casino and hotel also closely considers joining the RE-ISAC in addition to the MS-ISAC as the commercial Gaming and Hospitality industry has selected the RE-ISAC for their industry.