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Are you a company that has built a relationship with a tribal organization or enterprise thanks to a TribalNet experience?

Now is YOUR opportunity to tell the tribal market how your company positively influenced change!

Starting in the Spring 2017 magazine your company and story will have the chance to be featured as a TribalNet Connection!
To hold your spot please fill out the form below; your spot will be held as tentative until we have approval from
both your company and the tribe.

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Ready to share your story?

Making Connections

To submit your story you can complete the online form below and submit or download the PDF and email to or fax to 269-459-9889. Deadline is April 21st.
Share your story to highlight the industry progress and connections being made as a result of TribalNet being the platform.
The word count for the whole feature is 150 words. Each answer should be between 20-50 words. TribalNet cannot guarantee that all information you provide below will be included in the feature.
There are 6 spaces available for this feature at NO CHARGE in the Spring 2017 issue. This will be the ONLY time this feature/placement will be free. Beginning in the Fall 2017 issue the feature will be available for purchase.

Step 1: Complete Vendor Information

Company Name
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Step 2: TribalNet will coordinate all approvals between Company and Tribe

Nothing will be published until it is approved by BOTH parties.
Approval for Tribe, Casino, Health Ctr, Association
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Approval for Company
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Step 3: Answer the background questions below

1. How long have you been attending TribalNet?
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2. How long have you been working in the tribal market/industry?
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3. What is your favorite way to connect with attendees at TribalNet?
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Step 4: Answer the Q & A questions provided below.

Each answer should be 20-50 words.
1. Where did you meet this customer? Was it at the TribalNet Tradeshow Floor or at a networking event?
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2. What was their challenge, issue or need and what solution, product or service did you offer/provide to help with that challenge, issue or need?
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3. Overall, what were the most significant improvements, results, highlights, and benefits the tribe experienced due to the new relationship made with your company?
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