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NATRC puts the tools in your hands so you can put opportunity in theirs.

The decisions you make today in technology at your tribal organization impacts future generations in your tribal community.

Why you need this:

  • Significant time and cost savings: the work gets done FOR you not BY you, and no costly guesswork involved
  • Instant access to research for tribal industry specific topics: solid existing portfolio and growing each quarter
  • You get 3 months of access to research on almost ANY topic in technology, security, leadership and employee engagement
  • Receive a free pass to attend the Annual TribalNet Conference

Justification for budget:

On average NATRC members receive over $30,000 in value each time they engage with the analyst team. More importantly, what does a uninformed decision in technology cost you? We don't have to answer that!

How to get your Tribal Council, CFO and MORE to want to sign on the dotted line:

  • Use any of the above points to show how much is included in an NATRC member and the value you receive to justify the cost to your budget
  • Be sure to let them know about the NEW NATRC membership gives your tribe access not only to research specific to technology at tribal organizations but research, tools and advice in the areas of employee engagement and development. HR strategy, performance management and beyond. The benefits of being a member of the NATRC isn't just for IT research anymore - get the value add by sharing this membership to provide tools for your finance, human resources and other key departments

Technology to Protect your Past and Prepare you for the Future

Before the NATRC there was NO research available specific to technology and innovation within tribal organizations.
Look at how far we've come now:

Expand any of the topics below to learn more.

  • Tribal Enrollment and Membership Management Systems [+]
    With the importance, sensitivity and format of the tribal member data, the procurement process for a new enrollment solution involves many moving parts and clients must select the vendor that meets both present and future needs. This report evaluates six products in this space, so you can take a closer look and choose the best and most reliable partner for your tribe. Learn More
  • Tribal Government Financial Management Systems [+]
    Tribal governments are so diverse that there really is no one-size-fits-all solution that suits varying needs and processes. Lack of choice and unique needs combine to make finding the right financial management solution a real challenge. Take a closer look at the research to find out more on what's on the market that works for tribes and can be customized to for your unique needs! Learn More
  • Tribal Courts & Docket Management Systems [+]
    A great tool for decision making, this report can save you time and money. Use to report to compare and contrast the major Court & Docket Management System (CDMS) vendors in use by tribal organizations. Learn More
  • Blueprint: Select, Implement, or Change a Resource & Patient Management System [+]
    There is so much to be said about this topic- the title of the research speaks volume. Take a closer look at this research to navigate tribal healthcare and RPMS systems that can increase tribal revenues, improve efficiency and enhance patient care for tribal communities. Learn More
  • Asset & Work Order Management [+]
    Take a dive into this report to understand what trends are surfacing in this industry, evaluate asset and work order management vendors and products to select the most feasible and appropriate solution for your needs based on features, use cases, and scenarios. Learn More
  • Strengthen Tribal HR's Stakeholder Management Capabilities [+]
    Tribal HR administrators often face the challenge of complex relationships with leadership due to the overlap of tribal and business governance. This can be further inhibited if HR is brought in from outside the tribal community and must build trust in order to function effectively. Take a look at this research to help empower HR professionals to effectively influence and build strong relationships with leaders and key department heads- driving organizational results and positive impacts on IT. Learn More
  • Tribal Critical Incident Management Systems [+]
    Review this important research, reduce your risk and impact of what could come, be informed as the thread landscape continues to expand. Compare and contrast the major emergency incident management vendors and gain tools of how to justify funding the needs of your tribal organization. Learn More

NEW Research Launching Soon

  • Blueprint: Prepare for a HIPAA Compliance Audit
  • IT Strategy for Tribal Government & Constituent Services
Join the growing number of Tribes in realizing the power of the NATRC
I've been an Info-Tech customer for several years. With their valuable research easily available, they save me time and money by not having to resarch it myself. It's hard to believe they provide so much information on every topic I can think of. They understand Native American Tribes and issues with sovereignty which makes their research more meaningful and specifically focused.
Jon James
CIO, Cherokee Nation
Currently cyber security is a major concern for the Navajo Nation. We have taken measures to secure the multiple layers of security for the nation. But we have been using InfoTech as a primary resource for security measures and they have been absolutely helpful in many ways.
Harold Skow
IT Director, Navajo Nation
NATRC has a lot of GREAT IT Policy templates! That proved to be highly valuable for our team. There is an enormous amount of information available to a NATRC member.
Jerolyn Takala
IT Director, The Hopi Tribe

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